Oak Hollow Performance Tested Purebred Angus Cattle

Registered Angus Cattle Performance Tested in the Southeast Since 1978

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Oak Hollow is located 2 miles off Intestate 65 in southern Kentucky and operated by Kenneth and Joe Kenneth Lowe. Kenneth and Joe Kenneth are the 7th and 8th generations to work in the cattle industry in Smiths Grove, Kentucky. Oak Hollow is the largest Angus breeder in Kentucky, breeding over 400 registered females a year. The cow herd consistently breeds at a 97%+ conception rate in a 60-day breeding season in a commercial environment. There is constant selection for traits of economic importance. Oak Hollow females must be profitable for the commercial cattleman. If females are not profitable selling their pounds of weaned calf at steer price then they will no longer be in the herd. The traits of the utmost importance include fertility, calving ease, optimal milk production and structural soundness. After these basic requirements are met the calves must then grow and grade. By first selecting for maternal traits of economic importance, we can produce the highest quality beef at the lowest cost of production.

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